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Streamlining Forester Licensing Requirements

Earlier this year, on January 25th, the Board of Licensed Foresters (board) and the Maine Forest Service (MFS) submitted a report to the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry (ACF) summarizing their joint findings and recommendations as directed by Resolve 2011, Chapter 130 to examine forester licensing requirements, with the purpose of streamlining.  The Resolve directed that the board and MFS develop recommendations that:

1.        Simplify the education, testing, and experience requirements for obtaining a license as a forester; and

2.        Allow a person who meets specified experience levels and demonstrates knowledge of forestry law to be exempt from the education requirements of Title 32, section 5514, subsection2.

As of this date, ACF has not taken any action on the report recommendations.  A copy of the report is available from below.

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